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Sledding redefines what it means to have fun in the snow, the old fashioned way: Expect getting a giggle-inducing thrill of a different sort — one experienced while zooming down a hill on a sled at the speed of light. The playful spirit of sledding doesn’t fade with the sun: Gampen Sledding Run lights it up Tuesday and Thursday nights for more sledding and epic fun after the sun goes down in St. Anton.

Bundle up the kids in hats and mittens and ride like the wind down the 4 kilometers long, natural sledding run from Gampen to Nasserein on-board traditional wood toboggans. It’s hard for anyone not to emit a light-hearted giggle as you sail down the hill, catching a bit of air as you roll over gentle bumps. Those wanting to make many treks up and down the sledding run, will appreciate some assistance to make sure their legs don’t get too weary. At St. Anton, you don’t have to lug your sled up the hill, Nasserein Gondola does the job for you. In between runs, or afterwards, head on over to Gampen Restaurant or quaint Rodelhütte Lodge halfway down the mountain and gather new strength over hearty local specialties.

The nearby Nasserein Gondola and all sports stores of St. Anton rent sleds. The Nassereinbahn Gondola Ride is included in your valid lift ticket during the day.

Twice a week, the sledding run is illuminated at night.

St. Anton Gampen: The 4.3-kilometer long natural sledding run is open for daytime sledding daily from 12:00 noon to 4:15pm. Tuesday and Thursday evenings the run is illuminated from 7:30pm to 9:30pm, with live music entertainment at Gampen Restaurant.

For table bookings, please call +43 (0)5446 23 52 532 or +43 (0)5446 23 52 538,

Sled Rentals

  • At all sports stores of St. Anton
  • At the base of Nassereinbahn Gondola (as of 7:15pm)
  • The sleds can be returned at the end of the run at Robi’s Rodelstall

Nearby Sledding Runs

  • Pettneu am Arlberg: Lavenar Natural Sledding Track, 1.5 km
  • Schnann: 200 m – illuminated
  • Flirsch: Kohlwald, 1 km – illuminated
  • Strengen: Egger Weiher–Verill, 1 km

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