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Take a deep breath. Inhale the crisp and clear mountain air. Hiking in St. Anton during the summer should not be missed. With dozens of trailheads just minutes from town, hiking has proven to be the most traditional and pleasurable way to enjoy the Arlberg Mountains. To enjoy the full experience of the mountains, spend the day hiking any of the 300 of kilometers of trails through open meadows and old-growth forest and past crystal-clear tarns and babbling brooks. The trails are easy to access from St. Anton and each trail offers its own spectacular views of the surrounding mountains Kapall, Galzig, Valluga and Rendl.

With trails for varying abilities and access to pristine places and expansive views, St. Anton welcomes novice and seasoned hikers to be inspired by its 300 kilometers of trails.

Lifts and gondolas open up high Alpine areas for summer hiking for those out for shorter walks. Everywhere you go, there are lovely places to eat – some 30 on-mountain eateries are spaced along the trails.

Stop by our front desk for recommendations and inside local secrets and favourite trails.

There is a rich variety of well-marked trails waiting to be explored on two feet:

Tiroleans like to play in thin air, where the charming lack of oxygen makes us feel healthier and better than we do at the lower altitudes. The positive effects of the bracing mountain climate can be increased still further by physical activity. Top athletes have long exploited this effect with what has become known as “altitude training” for which you need just a moderate oxygen deficiency as found at “medium altitudes” like in St. Anton am Arlberg (1,304 meters above sea level). AMAS, the Austrian Moderate Altitude Study has proven significant (often staggering) improvement for common illnesses such as high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, excess body weight and cardiovascular diseases. Exercising at altitude improves stamina and fitness. Why? Reduced oxygen in the inhaled air stimulates the production of red blood cells which causes old blood cells to be eliminated and replaced by new, young blood cells. The result? You feel totally rejuvenated! The new cells are better able to supply the body’s tissues with oxygen, circulation improves and with it your physical performance. You feel fresh, revitalised and more relaxed. Where else could you find benefits like these but up here in the mountains? Fit a little medium-altitude activity into your St. Anton itinerary and see the beneficial effects of “Alpine Wellness” for yourself: For wonderful easy walks, take the “Schlosskopfweg” Trail that leads to a tiny chapel or explore “Mühltobelweg” Trail, which winds across the gorge of the same name via a series of steps and bridges and along a waterfall.

A history-indulging walking tour is the “Historic Trail” that leads from St. Jakob-Gand all the way up to St. Christoph atop Arlberg Pass with interpretive signage along the route. Some of the most rewarding walks providing stunning views are the ones to Ulmer Hut (elev. 2,279m), Sattelkopf (elev. 1,985m), Leutkircher Hut (elev. 2,261m) and Kaltenberg Hut (elev. 2,089m).

The Eagle Walk is Tirol’s iconic long-distance hike, spanning the whole country from St. Johann in Tirol to St. Anton am Arlberg, and while you might not have time for the entire route itself, ticking off a couple of stages over a few days is a great option. The final stages offer a taste of its beautiful Alpine scenery, taking in the jagged peaks of the Arlberg region. This amazing trail serves up non-stop mountain views along with several tasty refreshment stops.

If you are looking for the best way to experience some of St. Anton’s most stunning hiking adventures then join Mountain Walking School St. Anton am Arlberg for a walk of a lifetime. Take in the best local hikes covering the diversity of this region, stretch your legs and feed your soul with a knowledgeable local guide who will take you to the most beautiful spots in the region. 

If you’re not taking a guided trip, make sure you do your research and are well equipped with information and the appropriate gear.

St. Anton’s stunning network of walking tracks and trails has been awarded the Seal of Approved Quality by the Provincial Government of Tyrol.

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Looking for information about the various walking trails around the region? Visit the St. Anton Tourist Board website for detailed information on our amazing trails.

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